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Netvideogirls, also called California pimp, is a porn site run by the anonymous guy. This site has the unique concept which makes it stand out from millions of other porn sites.This guy, let's call him Netvideo guy, places an ad in the newspapers where he offers "calendar job". Girls reply and when they come to the interview "Netvideogirl guy" makes some seduction moves and transforms those mostly innocent girls into horny, sensual girls. There are many other porn sites that try to copy this concept but majority of seduction experts would agree none of those copies comes even close to netvideogirls.

Let's analyze some of them.

You can try them out if you like but be aware that Netvideo guy is an expert. If you're no expert you will be less successful.

 1. Rising confusion in target

During the whole process netvideo guy uses phrases with no meaning or dual meaning. For example, he says: "Cruise on back in" instead of "Come in". By using such phrases he makes girls concise mind constantly occupied while trying to resolve what he is saying. While she tries to figure out what's going on, he has enough time to talk to her unconscious mind.

2. Mimicking

On start, he mimics girls behavior. For example, when girl first sees him with a camera she is confused (nowhere in the ad is camera mentioned). He mimics this confusion and pretends that he is confused also. This goes on during the interview until at some point he starts to lead, shows girl how to behave. She is not aware of it, but now she mimics him. 

2. He makes time distortions

Girls have to move a lot in the room, he gives commands like: Go here. Good, now move there. Sit there. Now, stand up In this way he confuses girls but also makes it appear as girls are there for longer period of time. You might see on his video that whole seduction process lasts only about 10 minutes.

2. Anchoring

He uses anchoring a lot. He touches her face or her hand and in the same time changes his voice to quit. This is how he gives subconscious commands such as: Be wild! Be naughty!

5. Associations

He asks: How would you feel posing in a bathing suite, and gives a description of warm beach, sun etc. The girl imagines this picture in her head which makes her relaxed and possibly a bit horny. 

6. Hidden options

When he sees a girl has some doubts he shows her a back exit by saying: "You can leave anytime, no problem." However, he doesn't give her enough time to think about it, because it is usually followed by something like this: "Or you can stay! Let's use the best of it." Girl is aware that she can leave at anytime but she doesn't get the time to think about it.

Netvideo girl in trance

How can you tell if girl is in trance or not?

The answer is in the eyes. On the beginning of the interview you might see girls eyes going in different directions. Girls look up, down, left and right. That's how human mind works, when we want to answer a question we look to one of the sides. But when in trance, eyes are fixed, pupils are dilated. You can not act that. Those girls are really in trance. Check it out.